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What You Need to Know Today About Psychiatric Medications

So You Are Going to be a Witness! When the Legal System and Your Therapy Practice Collide (or, What You Didn’t Learn in Graduate School!)

Pharmacology Overview:Challenges & Complexities of Treating the Baby Boomer Generation …and Their Parents- Pharmacotherapy, Psychopharmacological, and Psychotherapy Issues

Dissociation- It's NOT Multiple Personality Disorder!
The Patients Who Confuse Therapists

Psychopharmacology made REALLY simple!

Pain and Addiction: Understanding “Why” Pain Occurs -and- “Why” Patients in Pain May Become Addicted to Their Treatments- A Comparison of Treatment Effectiveness

Brain Storms-Migraines:
Why Do They Happen and What Treatments Can Be Used…From “Modern Medicine” to Complementary and Alternative Therapies

The Efficacy of Pharmaceuticals on Autism Spectrum Disorder
–What Health Care Professionals Need to Know

Incorporating Complementary and Alternative Therapies into Modern Medicine
Psychopharmacology and Psychotherapy:
Opportunities, Controversies, and Outcomes - Understanding Mental Health Medications From a Pathophysiological Approach

Responding to Reimbursement Changes in Your Clinical Practice: Economic Survival Through Advocacy, Market Development, and Professional Connections

War Trauma: Helping Our VeteransTruly “Come Home”
-Interventions for the Family, the Neighborhoods, the Schools, the Employers, and the Religious Community

Your Clinical Practice- Smart, Ethical, Legal

Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals Made Seriously Simple:
From Autism to Spinal Cord Injuries to Alzheimer’s, with Stops in Between!

The Efficacy of Pharmaceuticals on AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER
What Parents and Caregivers Need to Know

Bipolar Disorder- The Diagnosis du Jour?
Nature vs. Nurture- Current Therapeutic Concerns and Interventions

What’s in Your Toolbox? Understanding Antipsychotics, from CATIE to CUtLASS

What’s in Your Toolbox? Mood Stabilizers Demystified

Psychopharmacology of the Now and the Future
Ethical Quandaries in Your Clinical Practice:
Legal Exposure and How to Possibly Limit That Exposure

Integrative Therapies:
So Much More Than “Complementary and Alternative” Therapies

Co-Occurring Disorders: Mental Health Conditions Not Mutually Exclusive of Substance Abuse Disorders. Separating the Diagnosis and Treatment of Co-Morbid Pathophysiological Disease States (Parts 1, 2, and 3 of a three-part presentation)

The Dance of Dissociation:
When Your Patient’s Clinical Presentation Confounds You- Intervention Strategies and Treatments

The Child with Autism Spectrum Disorders in Your Classroom

What all the legalese means to the practicing educational professional-
A review of current legal issues, acronyms, and terms pertaining to persons with Austism Spectrum Disorder

No Child Left Behind, The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IN LAYMAN’S TERMS

ASD and Bipolar Disorder in Our Schools-
A Journey from Beginning to Present(or from a Forest Grove Classroom to the U.S. Supreme Court)-When the DSM-5 Gets Tangled with IDEA

Maximizing Your Professional Income in a Rotten Economy: New and Exciting Non-Traditional Practice Venues