Working with people who have illnesses, either mental or physical, is hard-
and when you add in legal issues, it becomes harder!
We provide quality, informative, educational, interesting, and FUN programs to:

    1) persons in the various physical health professions (nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, osteopathic and medical doctors, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, dentists, nurse anesthetists, midwives, naturopathic physicians);

    2) the mental health professions (psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, substance abuse counselors, professional counselors, pain therapists, hospice professionals, disability clinicians, case workers, holistic healers);

    3) educational professionals (school psychologists, school counselors, special education teachers and aides, school administrators); and,

    4) legal professionals (attorneys, legal aides, paralegal practitioners.)

We "bridge" the gap between the legal system and the mental health system by explaining the impact of the interactions between those systems.

We bring these trainings to YOU!
If you are a private, public, or governmental agency who works with clients or patients, and if you have professional staff that services those clients or patients....
...or, if you are a local, State, or National Association that sponsors annual conferences or meetings and need to have keynote, half-day, full-day, and/or breakout speakers...

. ..we are here to help!

Many organizations use our services (see the page with our list of current topics) to retain current members at these conferences, and to bring in new ones!

Obviously, when we work for the major sponsors of Continuing Education, we present seminars.
We can work with you: develop programs to get new members to join your Association help you retain current members of your Association develop exciting Keynote and Featured presentations at your annual conferences help you develop webinars and teleconferences for your Association
AND...we can do so in such a way that you keep a tight lid on expenses and have revenue left over AFTER your program is completed!
We may even have some ways to help offset (read this: subsidize!) our costs!
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